2016 Westerns and Easterns

Croasdell and Farrell gave an incredible performance at the Mirror Westerns in Sligo back in April and won seven out of seven races. The big questions was “Could they do it again in their home club of Lough Ree at the Easterns this weekend?”

Their performance was mighty once again, but one tactical error gave MacAllister son and father team a chance to pip them at the post in the final race.

Young helm Ben Graf with crew Hannah Smyth is one to watch, with two 2nds and 2 3rds on day 1.

Great sailing by all and as usual great social. The mix of Mirrors and Shannon One Designs made for a successful and social weekend for everyone at Lough Ree Yacht Club.

Once again, thank you Lough Ree for you wonderful hospitality.

Full results for Westerns and Easterns here.

westersn start line